In the reserve Struga Zytkiejmska fot. Anna Naruszewicz In the reserve Struga Zytkiejmska fot. Anna Naruszewicz
The nature in Lanscape Park of ROmincka Forest fot. Anna Naruszewiz The nature in Lanscape Park of ROmincka Forest fot. Anna Naruszewiz

Welcome to the official website of the Landscape Park of Romincka Primaval Forest.


The Landscape Park of Romincka Primeval Forest is placed in north-east frontier of Warminsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship, in the area of Dubeninki and Goldap Communities. The total area of park is 14 620 ha and the area of buffor zone is 7 942 ha.
The climate of Romincka Primeval Forest is among the severest in Poland. The growing season lasts for 190 days and period without freeze takes only 150 days in the year. Due to continental climate impact and diversified surface features palnt communities of Romincka Foferst have more northern character than communities of neighboring forests.
It is the reason why Romincka Forest is called „Polish Taiga”. The boreal forest is the most important forest type in Romincka Forest Landscape Park. some areass are covered by pruce-trees on peatbog and prine-pruce mixed forest. There are also ash-alder flood plain forest with protected ostrich fern in peated stream valleys. A curiosity of this forest are domed bogs with springlets. Animal world of Romincka Forest is very rich and divers. You can find here: butterfly Parnassius mnemozyne, the common adder, lesser spotted eagle, black stork, hazel hen, crane, beaver, northern brich mouse, elk, otter, wolf and other interesting and protected by law species. Park was established in 1998.


Dziki Kąt - a forest reserve (34,10 ha), founded for the typically developed fresh coniferous forest protection. Dziki Kąt is composed of mixed-fresh coniferous forest, mixed-humid coniferous forest and alder wood patches.

Żytkiejmska Struga (Żytkiejmska Stream) - a plant and animal reserve (467,07 ha) founded for the rare species habitat protection. Żytkiejmska Struga is the biggest reserve in Romincka Forest, typified by diversified relief. It comprises forest and peatbog in Zytkiejmska Stream valley.

Mechacz Wielki - a forest and peat reserve (146,72 ha); founded for protection or raised peatbog surronded by marshy coniferous forest. At the edges there are alderwood with characteristic tussock structure.

Czerwona Struga (Red Stream) - a floral reserve (3,59 ha); founded for the pteridophyte- ostrich fern Matteucia stuthiopteris protection. This reserve comprises ca. 1,5 km. of Red Stream valley covered by flood-plain forest.

Boczki - a forest reserve (108,83 ha); founded for mixed forest protection. There are richness of forest types of forest types typified by primeval character such as: fresh forest, mixed-humid coniferous forest, marshy coniferous forest, humid forest, mixed forest and alder carr.

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