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Welski Landscape Park

Here you will find news, announcements of our projects, as well as interesting natural and tourist information associated with the area of our Landscape Park.


Nature reserves

On the Wel Landscape Park are located four nature reserves: "the Kozian's Peatbog", "Piekielko", "Ostrow Tarczyński" and "the Neliwa Lake", there is planned to create eight more reserves to protect nature and the beauty of the Landscape Park "Ostoje Koszelewskie", "the Nadwelski Forest "," the Rumian River Valley "," Kopaniarze "," the Jelen Swamps "and "the Peatbog Kopaniarze ".

The oldest reserve in Wel Landscape Park is "The Kozian's Peatbog" created in 1991. Located on the reserve near the village of Jelen and covers 54.85 hectares of swamps and peatlands gradually overgrown western end of the Jelen Lake.

This is an ornithological reserve with which the refuge was established for the preservation of wetland birds frequently occurring here. Ornithological inventory in 1989 revealed the existence of "The Kozian's Peatbog" 87 species of birds, of which 61 breeding (including common tern, great crested grebe, lapwing, depots, marsh harrier).

Unfortunately, since 1992 there has been a phenomenon of impoverishment in species composition, probably due to changes in water conditions and the following succession of so-called pioneer species of trees and shrubs - gradually overgrown bog and papillary downy birch, Scots pine and willow gray.

The Ostrow Tarczynski Reserve was established in 1993 on the peninsula with an area of 108.58 hectares located between two lakes - Grady and Tarczynski, and the north separated from the mainland by the Wel River. The main purpose of this reserve is to preserve the forests varied in terms of habitats and plant communities, which are also a refuge for many species.

This reserve is the mainstay of 85 species of birds. They nest here, including gadwall, goldeneye, common merganser, eared, little ringed plover, common snipe, solitary sandpiper, sandpiper, doves, little owl, tawny owl, long-eared owl and kingfisher. You can see here also: osprey, bald eagle or kite.

One of the most visited by tourists is the Piekielko reserve. It was established in autumn 2001, the reserve including the protection of crucial stretch of the Wel river a significant decrease, swift currents of the steep slopes of the valley covered with hail. There grow 19 species of plants protected by law and as much as 9 strictly protected (daphne, helleborine, Neottia, orchid rare, rare orchid, ivy, cauliflower branchy).

Geomorphological property is located on the moraine plateau where the clay and aluminum pens created fertile soil brown ground. The high value Piekielko also provide unique in the macro-landscape features.

The youngest in Wel Landscape Park is the Neliwa reserve created in 2006.

Reserve is a limnological and protects eutrophic lake along with the adjacent bogs, meadows and forests. Within the reserve, found as many as 22 plant communities, with rare plant species found here include sedge, violet peat and Solomon's seal tamping.


The Neliwa lake reserve is also a refuge for birds, were recorded in the presence of 41 species of birds, including 20 species of breeding taking place there.

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