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Welski Landscape Park

Here you will find news, announcements of our projects, as well as interesting natural and tourist information associated with the area of our Landscape Park.


Monuments of Nature

On the Wel Landscape Park has many monuments. The vast majority of our natural monuments are a single tree - dominated by small-leaved lime and oak. The most magnificent specimen of Tilia cordata grows in Rybno and seven oaks grow in Kostkowo. Of particular note is the pear tree in Wąpiersku because it is said that the statues are most often those trees like oaks, linden or pine, and hardly anyone would take care of fruit trees. In the park there are also two monumental avenues: in Lidzbark, near the Lidzbarskie Lake, which consists mainly of lime trees, established in 2008 alley and in Prętki, where dominate maple trees.

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